Inter-Tel Unified Communicator

Unified Communicator puts you in control of your communications and devices – you determine when and how you will be available to others. By combining unified communications with collaboration technology, you can quickly achieve higher levels of communication.

Unified Communicator puts individual users in control of their communications and devices. They can communicate their status and availability to callers and coworkers, and manage their communications from any device via simple point-and-click and/or speech-enabled interfaces.

Centralized directories and intelligent call routing make it easy for users to determine when and how they communicate, with options to leave personalized messages, and route specific calls to voice mail, receptionists, colleagues, mailboxes or alternative devices.

By combining unified communications with collaboration technology, your associates can quickly achieve higher levels of communication. Unified Communicator integrates Web conferencing, allowing users to easily invite people into an ad hoc or prescheduled online meeting. This real-time collaboration tool features include desktop and application sharing, keyboard and voice chat, file transfer and multipoint videoconferencing.

Product Key Features

* Faster, More Convenient Connections: With intelligent call routing, communications get to users more quickly and on the most convenient device; “find me/follow me” capability ensures urgent communications are routed to successive devices/locations until the individual is reached.

* Fewer Interruptions: Non-critical communications can be automatically routed to mailboxes, colleagues or receptionists.

* Improved Efficiency: Save time by accessing all communications and centralized directories from a single interface that is consistent across all devices.

* Better Teamwork: Presence and status information lets users know if and when colleagues are available to help them connect faster and more efficiently.

* Integrated Web Conferencing Technology: Desktop and application sharing, text messaging, videoconferencing, and Internet co-browsing expand your communication possibilities.



Inter-Tel Unified Communicator

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