MARATHON EVOLUTION Communications Recording Solutions

The recording of customer interactions is an essential requirement for companies in the business of finance, public safety, and contact center operations. MARATHON EVOLUTION delivers a highly reliable call recording and data retrieval solution for quality assurance, safety, compliance, audit and/or order transaction verification purposes.

MARATHON EVOLUTION specifically addresses contact centers’ need to record and document customer interactions and provides optional tools for capturing agent desktop activity. MARATHON EVOLUTION is modular in its design and allows organizations to implement the correct solution your organization requires today. The system’s flexible architecture allows MARATHON EVOLUTION to grow with your organization and adapt to whatever changes your environment demands. Designed as a powerful, open, scalable platform, the new multimedia-enabled recorder captures and records all interactions from 4 to thousands of channels/agents simultaneously with a minimum on-line storage of 15,000 recording hours to satisfy most environments.

# Enhanced reliability, security and performance using the Linux operating system

# Flexibility for bulk, selective or on-demand recording and archiving

# Scaleable channel array allows for virtually unlimited channels

# Quick and easy call retrieval from any location

# A-la-carte features – you only buy what you need

# Easy to use, install and manage through powerful, browser-based interfaces

# Multiple recording configurations for single site/department, multiple locations or entire enterprise

# Open, flexible APIs enable integration with existing customer applications

# Integrations for recording Mitel digital and IP phones, Mitel SMDR and MiTAI applications


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