Mitel Applications Suite

The Mitel Applications Suite allows multiple IP applications to reside on a single server, saving time and money.

The Mitel Applications Suite allows you to enjoy the latest in advanced IP applications – Mitel NuPoint Messenger™, Mitel Mobile Extension and the Mitel Teleworker Solution, all on a single server with a single, web-based management interface. Single server means you save money by reducing the cost for initial deployment of the systems as well as lower ongoing management overhead.

The Mitel Applications Suite includes a wizard to assist in rapidly deploying not only NuPoint Messenger, Mobile Extension and Teleworker Solution, but also the 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP). Users are deployed consistently across different applications, which further eases management. Ongoing administration of the applications is completed via a user friendly, web based interface. Adding a user to one or more applications is easily accomplished using Mitel Applications Suite. All this simplified management means you spend less time deploying and administering users and more time focused on your business.


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