MiService Solutions

Mitel MiService Solutions deliver custom application development, and offers a complete range of advanced services geared towards helping to accelerate implementation of high-performance contact center solutions.

The award-winning Mitel® 6100 Contact Center Solutions portfolio provides comprehensive, readily deployable, and cost effective tools for supporting contact center operations and multimedia customer / agent contacts. However, it doesnt stop there. If your contact center requires custom applications to support the specialized requirements of your operations or customers, the 6100 Contact Center Solutions portfolio also includes Mitel MiService Solutions Custom Development to meet your specific needs.

The Mitel MiService Solutions Custom Development team has made contact centers an area of specialization and focus, delivering customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, outbound dialing applications, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration services. Contact centers can also call upon MiService Solutions for a broad range of packaged, modular planning, development, implementation and support services to help them get and keep their operation functioning to its fullest potential.

For details or to purchase, please contact your Mitel Solution Provider.

MiService Solutions

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