Mitel Express Messenger

Delivers affordable, easy-to-use voice mail and auto attendant capabilities on a single card that plugs easily into the Mitel SX-200 PBX.

Mitel Networks Express Messenger provides today’s small-to-medium sized businesses with a voicemail and auto attendant solution that has unsurpassed integration with Mitel Networks SX-200 PBX and superior performance via direct digital integration to the backplane. Requiring minutes to install, configure and manage via PC-based administrator tools, Express Messenger set-up and maintenance can also be done remotely by phone or modem.

Mitel Networks Express Messenger provides:

* Message waiting indicators on Superset telephones

* Mnemonic prompts, such as “Press P for Play, D to discard,” provide an intuitive navigation system for users

* Ability to record a name and personal greeting to each mailbox user

* Ability for each user to record a personal greeting set for a specific number of days (with automatic expiration)

* Ability to record calls

* Password protected mailboxes

* Unlimited message length

* Ability to save messages as well as set parameters for automatically purging saved messages

* Message erase, reply, forward, rewind/hold/ fast forward

* Ability for a message to receive priority placement within mailbox

* Callers with the ability to review, re-record and append their message before sending

* Call forwarding


Mitel Networks Express Messenger
Express Messenger Enhancing customer service

Mitel Express Messenger

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