Mitel Multi-Protocol Border Gateway

Businesses lose money every year from employee absenteeism, turnover, and other overhead costs. Workers lose money from the high costs of commuting.

Mitel Multi-Protocol Border Gateway is the next-generation teleworking solution that builds on the strong market success of the Mitel Teleworker Solution. Both products share the same base software and provide high-quality VoIP with highly secure remote access; however, Multi-Protocol Border Gateway is designed for high scalability (up to 2,500 users per server) and optional high availability for medium and large enterprises as well as for service providers.

Multi-Protocol Border Gateway provides a teleworking solution that can be implemented quickly and easily using a wide range of standard Mitel IP phones or SIP phones with support for Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP).

* Allows the use of industry-standard SIP endpoints

* Support for wireless SIP endpoints allows a mobile device that supports both GSM/3G and Wi-Fi to make use of VoIP over Wi-Fi when in a Wi-Fi hotspot

* Provides significant improvements in bandwidth utilization for WAN links carrier over IP/ATM by enabling mixed packetization intervals



Mitel Multi-Protocol Border Gateway

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