Mitel Speech Server

Mitel Speech Server is an advanced new architecture that brings robust conversational speech recognition capabilities to a wide range of telephony solutions, applications and standalone platforms. The Speech Server is a speaker independent, flexible vocabulary technology allowing users to train the system to understand their voice without having to remember a fixed set of commands.

The core Speech Server supports speaker authentication for unsuppressed security, (not for bilingual implementations) barge in capability to allow power users to quickly navigate through applications and digital integration with Calling Line ID for superior integration with PBX and VOIP platforms. The speech server offers a range of enterprise applications including the Auto Attendant and Unified Messaging.

Mitel Speech Server Unified Messaging

Mitel Speech Server Unified Messaging is the first unified messaging solution that features natural speech as a user interface to access and modify all aspects of Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 and Outlook: inbox, calendar, contact list and task list. The Speech Server Unified Messaging has powerful text-to-speech capabilities, personal dialer, and tool management/secure access capabilities.

Mitel Speech Server Unified Messaging provides:

* A single unified inbox containing all messages (e-mail, voicemail, and fax)

* A natural speech interface to the inbox, allowing users to navigate their inbox messages based on date/time, urgency, sender or type

* Integration of Microsoft Outlook contact list

* Text-to-speech e-mail reading

* Ability to read and manipulate calendar and task items

* Ability to reply to voicemail with e-mail and reply to e-mail with voicemail

* Message caching to ensure messages are not lost if Exchange or Active Directory Servers are down

* Support for forwarding calls to mobile communications devices

Mitel Speech Server Attendant

Mitel Speech Server Attendant is a speech-enabled auto-attendant with a personal dialer, mobility application and toll management solution It frees users from having to remember a myriad of telephone numbers and eliminates the frustration of dialing extensions by spelling last names. The Speech Server Attendant allows users to make calls and access sophisticated telephony features simply by telling the system what to do.

Mitel Speech Server Attendant provides:

* Support for two to thirty ports of simultaneous speech, corporate directories with up to 10,000 names, and personal directories of up to 500 names

* Recognition of voice signatures to provide powerful and secure toll management capabilities

* Web-browser-based interface by which subscribers can manage their accounts and personal directories and system administrators can manage users, groups, and classes of service

* LDAP integration and browser-based and remote management capabilities that simplify set-up and administration

* Ability to forward calls to mobile workers

* Historical and real-time reports allowing administrators to measure call completion, recognition rates, latency, login failures and more

* System greetings and operator transfer points that can be programmed to behave differently based on time of day, day of week, and holidays

Mitel Speech Server

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