Mitel SX-200 (10 to 650 users)

A highly scalable PBX communications system that provides small-to-medium sized businesses with robust features and networking capabilities.

Mitel SX-200 (10 to 650 users)

Mitel Networks SX-200 PBX provides feature-rich voice communications for small-to-medium sized businesses. Whether for a central location or across multiple sites, the SX-200 PBX offers high levels of scalability, centralized management and networking capabilities. Additionally, the SX-200 has an elegant migration path to IP via the SX-200 IP Node that is designed to protect a business – existing infrastructure investment while providing the infrastructure and user benefits of an IP environment.

The Mitel Networks SX-200 IP Node provides Internet protocol (IP) capability via the Mitel Networks SX-200 PBX system, allowing businesses to benefit from a wide array of new infrastructure and user benefits such as IP networking, teleworking and IP desktop devices and applications.

Mitel Networks SX-200 provides:

* Centralized voicemail

* Support for a wide array of digital, analog and IP phones

* 500 plus telephony features

* Touch-tone auto-attendant as well as speech-enabled attendant

* Optional integrated unified messaging

* Support for automatic call distribution

* Advanced networking capabilities, including: T1, ISDN and E&M

* Feature transparency across multiple sites

* Support for ANI and DNIS to allow individual users to identify important Incoming calls

* Support for IP Applications

* IP Networking

* Teleworking


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Mitel SX-200

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