Retail Banking

Time is money. Deliver solid customer service, extend customer life cycles, and reduce attrition – even open new windows of opportunity. Mitel’s advanced communications solutions can provide you and your staff with the tools to satisfy your current customers, and allow you to proactively respond to economic fluctuations while delivering consistent value.

The old adage “time is money” has never been more appropriate for those working in the pressure cooker that is the financial services industry. With geographic boundaries to new markets a thing of the past, banking has turned its focus on the customer—a customer-centric approach being the best way to differentiate.

Banks are looking to deliver solid customer service, extend customer life cycles, and reduce attrition—and find new windows of opportunity. Mitels advanced communications solutions offer the necessary tools, including:

* Contact Center Solutions: ideal for delivering personalized attention to your remote customers. Mitels solution ensures that your customers calls are answered quickly and by the right banking experts with features such as automatic call distribution, and reduces the time required to connect your customers with your banking experts. This solution will also help prevent dropped calls.

* Mobility and Collaboration Solutions: ensure your employees stay connected regardless of where they are. Mitel Mobility Solutions provide you with the same features that you have in the office. Additionally, Mitels Mobile Extension feature will add substantial functionality, delivering better access to experts and enabling colleagues to connect instantly and more intuitively.

* Audio and video conferencing: give your customers better access to your banking experts while increasing productivity by eliminating travel between branches. Increase the frequency of training and lower costs by providing on-demand employee training via Mitels collaboration tools.

Mitels solutions can give employees instant access to information and immediate communication with associates and customers. Connect remote offices, mobile professionals, clients, and suppliers—from any location and in real-time. All are an absolute necessity for any financial services organization looking to stay competitive … and on top of their customers expectations.

Retail Banking

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