SME Server V5 with ServiceLink

Mitel Networks SME Server with ServiceLink is a managed Internet security and productivity solution that is simple to deploy, easy to administer and extremely reliable

Mitel Networks SME Server with ServiceLink is a managed Internet security and productivity solution that is simple to deploy, easy to administer and extremely reliable.

Designed to run on any Intel-compatible computer, SME Server with ServiceLink is based on the same award-winning technology that powers Mitel Networks 6000 Managed Application Server. In less than 10 minutes, it turns an Intel-compatible PC into a powerful and robust network server that is perfect for small/medium enterprises and remote/branch offices. Features include a secure firewall, file and print sharing, secure e-mail and web services, remote access and much more.

Why choose SME Server with ServiceLink?

* No other network server solves as wide a range of business-critical issues, with built-in managed services such as virus protection, 24×7 monitoring, automatic configuration of site-to-site Virtual Private Networks, and web content filtering.

* No other small-business network server is more reliable than SME Server with ServiceLink.

* Unlike a “sealed box” server appliance, SME Server with ServiceLink supports the customer’s choice of hardware platform and easily scales to meet future needs – upgrades are simple and cost-effective.

* Once installed, SME Server with ServiceLink can be configured, monitored and managed remotely via a simple web interface, so it’s ideal for organizations with many small sites.

* Mitel Networks’ revolutionary new “software blades” feature allows administrators to download and install new features and applications in a single click. As a result, SME Server with ServiceLink is ideal for multi-location enterprises that need to distribute applications to a large number of small sites, and manage them remotely.


Features & Benefits

Exceptionally powerful and easy to use, SME Server with ServiceLink is an all-in-one data networking solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and remote offices. It provides systems integrators and end-users with a reliable network infrastructure centered on two main components:

SME Server with ServiceLink – Converts a standard PC into a robust, easy-to-use network server, providing a wide range of services. The SME Server software is the latest version of the e-smith Server and Gateway, currently deployed on more than 50,000 servers worldwide and honored as the “best communications server for small and mid-sized businesses” by the Crossroads 2001 A-List Awards. SME Server with ServiceLink integrates seamlessly with Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux clients, and within an NT network environment. In contrast to most “sealed box” server appliances, SME Server with ServiceLink is open, modular and extensible, so systems integrators can easily tailor it to the needs of individual customers.

Features include:

* Simple interface

* Open standards

* Secure firewall

* E-mail and FTP servers

* Web server

* Information bays

* Secure webmail

* Tape backup and RAID1 disk-mirroring

* Modular, extensible architecture

ServiceLink – Offers scalable services delivered from the Mitel Networks NOC (Network Operations Center) that speed deployment of the server and enhance the network’s security, performance and reliability. In addition, ServiceLink provides systems integrators with the tools to securely manage servers remotely, track server uptime and performance, and proactively respond to issues that may affect network performance.

Services include:

* 24 x 7 Alerts and Reporting: Provides round-the-clock monitoring of the on-premise server and the customer’s Internet connection.

* Virus Protection: Automatically downloads virus pattern updates to a sophisticated server-based virus-scanning engine, ensuring detection and blocking of viruses and malicious code.

* Guaranteed Email: Provides backup email collection and delivery to protect customers when their ISP link goes down or they suffer a hardware failure.




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