Solutions For Your Industry


Financial ServicesEnhance the reliability, flexibility, speed and security of your financial institution with Mitel Financial Services Solutions.
Professional Service SolutionsMitel’s Professional Service Portfolio harnesses the power of IP to enable the professional knowledge worker to be readily accessible to clients and colleagues and work as part of a global team while remaining at a location of personal choice, enhancing profitability through cost reduction and by increasing billable recorded time.


Automotive (Automotive)Automotive dealerships have unique communications needs. With employees constantly on the move, Mitel communications solutions help them stay connected, collaborate more effectively and respond more quickly to customers, which can directly impact customer satisfaction – and ultimately, the bottom line.
Education (Education)Mitel’s communication solutions for higher education support academic achievement through providing improved access to professors and administrators coupled with operational cost savings. Mitel’s primary and secondary education solutions put valuable technology tools in the hands of students, educators and parents.
Government (Government)All levels of government face the increasing pressures of improving client services while enhancing responsiveness and security for their constituents. These factors coupled with the need to optimize infrastructure place increasing importance on the need for effective communications.
Healthcare (Healthcare)Mitel Healthcare Solutions provide the tools to improve operational efficiencies and enhance patient care.
Hospitality (Hospitality)Mitel’s solution for the hospitality industry delivers advanced communications that improve the guest experience, enhance operations and create new revenue streams.
Manufacturing (Manufacturing)Global competition is challenging manufacturers to accelerate their design and production cycles, manage extended supply and distribution chains more efficiently, and adapt more quickly in response to market fluctuations – all while increasing operational efficiency and reducing total costs. A Mitel advanced communications solution can deliver value across all these requirements, and more.
Retail (Retail)As a retailer, you are constantly being challenged to deliver superior customer service while keeping business costs to a minimum. Mitel is helping retailers succeed with a suite of powerful Networked Business Solutions that combine voice, video and data over IP to improve your responsiveness to customers, provide greater efficiency across the business, and dramatically reduce communications costs.
Small and Medium Businesses (Small and Medium Businesses)As a small business owner, partner or manager, your contributions have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line; the business “is” because of you. Through hard work and passion, you have built your business from the ground up, and are determined to see it continue to succeed.

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