Telecommunication Service Company, Boise, Idaho

With the rapid changes in telecommunication today you need a partner that understands your company
and its telecom service needs. DataTel Communications is just that… a partner. Serving the Boise and
Meridian areas of Idaho, we know the ins and outs of all the newest telecom and data technologies.

At DataTel, we understand the challenges of wired and wireless infrastructures. Is an on premise system
or an off premise system the perfect telecom service solution for your company? We can help guide you
through all your telecommunication needs.

With over 40 years in business, our company has seen the evolution of telecommunication.

Growing with each telecom advancement, DataTel has the experience to provide superior
telecommunication service to your company.

How can DataTel help your company reduce telecom costs and improve customer service? Well, ask yourself the following questions.

When was the last time you sat down to review your telecommunication service?

Does your current plan contain telecom services or features you dont use or even require?

Is your company overpaying for your monthly telecommunication service?

Let DataTel help you evaluate your telecom service. New technologies may improve the efficiency of your
telecommunication, allowing you to better take care of your customers and ultimately put more money in
your pocket.

As your Experienced Partner in Telecommunications, we can…

  • Evaluate your telecom needs.
  • Design the service solution that is right for your company.
  • Install any telecom service you require.
  • Implement the telecommunication service and provide any training your
    company may need.

Regardless of your location – Boise, Meridian, across Idaho or across the country – you can trust DataTel
to provide the best telecom service for your company.

Call us today for a free evaluation of your telecommunication needs.