Video Conferencing

Mitel Voice First Application

The Mitel Voice First Application is a unique video conferencing solution available from Mitel.

Voice First enables a user to establish a voice call with a colleague and then to add video simply by pressing a button on their IP telephone.

Mitel Voice First is simply the easiest to use video conferencing solution on the market today.

Mitel Voice First integrates VCONs advanced video conferencing technology known as the Media Exchange Manager (MXM) with the Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP).

Mitel Voice First operates across the enterprise, whether at the desktop or conference room. Enabled through the power of the 3300 (ICP), Mitel Voice First allows customers to leverage their existing enterprise network to deliver powerful multimedia conferencing solutions. Mitel Voice First also supports industry standards like H.323.

Mitel Voice First supports the latest range of HD endpoints and MXM 4.x software from VCON.

Media Exchange Manager (MXM)

The Media Xchange Manager¿ (MXM) is an Integrated Media Server comprising the following key elements:

  • Centralized management and administration
  • Video Telephony / Video PBX
  • Advanced rich media applications
  • Detailed call logging and reporting package
  • Highly scalable from as low as 10 users to as many as 600 users using Mitel Voice First, or to 75,000 users without Mitel Voice First.
  • Web-based scheduling, conference moderator and Video Conference Bridge (VCB) software options.

MXM version 4.x provides support for USB web cameras reducing the cost of desk top video conferencing and giving the customer choice over the make and type of cameras used.

HD endpoints

The HD range of solutions include facilities for data collaboration, video streaming, and support the latest video standard H.264 which provides high quality video at low bandwidths, perfect for running video over an ADSL connection.

The HD product family provides a range of high-quality, low latency video conferencing solutions that can be used in conjunction with the 3300 ICP and Mitel Voice First or as stand alone video conferencing solutions.

The HD product family includes a software client known as vPoint HD this can be used with a low cost USB web camera and a PC. The HD3000 is a high quality, low latency conference room video appliance that has an integral 4 port MCU and supports a range of streaming options. The HD5000 is a high quality, low latency, PC based board room video appliance, offering advanced data sharing and collaboration options.

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