We switched to DataTel from another IP Phone service which we were dissatisfied with. Since making the change, David and everyone there have been great. As expected with any change-over, there were a few small issues. They jumped on and took care them of right away.

Janette Everson

We switched over to DataTel in the beginning of our super crazy busy season. It was a seamless transition and we have had no major issues since transferring. It was the best decision we have made as far as our phone service goes. We are able to have people answering the phone in the office as well as working remotely, which was a game changer in our fast growing business, as we have outgrown our little office space. We LOVE the MaxUC App messaging feature. Everyone can quickly chat each other while talking with a client on the phone, which allows us to answer the clients questions right on the spot. David was amazing in getting us the information about their services and what we needed as far as phones and seats for our business. Brad took the day to get us all trained at the time of our installation and made sure that we all understood how everything worked. He has also been so great in answering our service/tech questions since the switch. Great people, great company.

Rachel Solis

DataTel is the best! Just went through an Upgrade in our SLC, Utah office. Jason Richardson, the absolute BEST! Made the up grade seamless. The entire company, as a whole is A+! Would recommend the entire team to ALL!

Dorinda Trivett

These guys are hands down the best. I manage a phone system for our city and Datatel has been our phone provider for several years now. Jason R. and all of the Datatel staff are responsive, professional, and always handle our needs in a timely manner. One of the all around best companies I have worked with in my line of work.

Mike Knittel

We recently used Data Tel to upgrade our business phone system. These guys have been great to work with. They have been happy to answer questions as they arise. We recently just expanded and needed to add a couple phones, Shawn showed up and took care of business and was helpful and friendly. Thanks guys!

Kyle Bundy

Our experience with DataTel has been awesome. As the owner of a small business as well (SEO Idaho), we appreciate their support for our cloud based VOIP phone systems as well as installing CAT5 drops in our offices for each of our staff. They are great at communication, and their business line rates are affordable in comparison to their competitors. We highly recommend DataTel. Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Adam Minic

I am one of the business customers for DataTel. I have to say, I often get to work with Rob Morton and he is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and always has a great attitude when working with issues both big and small for us.

It is always a relief to get to talk with Rob as he has taken the time to understand our system and needs at our company. I am grateful for his expertise and assistance. I hope that DataTel realizes that this man is quite an asset for the relationship that my company has with theirs and that he exemplifies what is needed for a great interpersonal experience in a support situation.

Rob gets five stars and, by extension, so does DataTel. Thank you very much!

Javan Ireland