Freedom to work – anywhere, anytime, on any device

The days of the “one size fits all” office are gone. Today’s workforce has a range of working styles, schedules, and settings. Mitel Mobility Solutions free people to perform anywhere, yet remain connected and collaborative. Mobility solutions from Mitel build high-performance organizations by helping:

  • Empower the business. Free people from location constraints while providing a consistent communications experience in or out of the office.
  • Leverage smart technology. Deliver unified communications and collaboration capabilities to the mobile devices or tablets of choice, regardless of make or network.
  • Consolidate communications. Give workers control over all their business communications.
  • Improve customer service. Ensure employees are always reachable and responsive to client calls.

Successful decision making requires immediate access to the right people at the right time. Mitel has a range of mobility solutions that are simple to use and flexible enough to meet the increasing demands of today’s businesses.


Mitel Multi-Protocol Border Gateway (Mitel Multi-Protocol Border Gateway)Businesses lose money every year from employee absenteeism, turnover, and other overhead costs. Workers lose money from the high costs of commuting.
Mitel Teleworker Solution (Mitel Teleworker Solution)For companies looking to cost-effectively optimize productivity, Mitel teleworking solutions allow employees
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Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile (Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile)Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Mobile (formerly Mitel Mobile Extension) empowers users with a single phone number and a single voice mailbox while providing them with access to the business communications