DataTel Times August 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, July - 28 - 2017

View our August DataTel Times newsletter here: DataTel Times Newsletter August 2017

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DataTel Times July 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, July - 10 - 2017

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DataTel Times June 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, June - 08 - 2017

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DataTel Times April 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, April - 10 - 2017

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DataTel Times March 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, March - 08 - 2017

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DataTel Times February 2017
Posted by:DataTel Communications, February - 13 - 2017

View our February DataTel Times newsletter here: DataTel Times Newsletter February 2017

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DataTel Times December
Posted by:DataTel Communications, December - 22 - 2016


Advanced Movie Premier/Customer Appreciation Event II

2015’s Movie Event – Star Wars, the Force Awakens was stellar! (See what I did there?) DataTel Communications is happier than an Ewok at Christmas to announce another pre-release private screening: Star Wars – Rouge One at the Majestic Cinema in Meridian, ID – a mere .000000041 parsecs from Kuna. Last year’s event was a blaster. We’re bringing back the same awesome program with even more prizes, drawings, food and fun. And our guests enjoy the bragging rights associated with being the first on the block to see this latest Star Wars opus. If you are reading this and not on our e-newsletter, please go to and look at the right of the page to sign up for our quality monthly newsletter, awesome events notifications and with always with the amount of spam you’d expect to find in a vegetarian’s pantry.

The Price of Greatness…

Our friends at the Idaho Public Utilities Commission have asked that we start practicing the use of a ten-digit dialing scheme (208-XXX-XXXX). This is in advance of Idaho’s new area code of 986 which is to be implemented in August 2017. “Area” code is a misnomer because the 986 identifier is not actually specific to a region like, for example, the Treasure Valley or the Panhandle of the State. Come August, we will be required to dial 208 or 986 in front of the seven digit numbers that we currently dial to reach anyone in the state. This is happening to accommodate Idaho’s growing population and increased cell phone usage.

IMPORTANT: To our customers who have auto-attendant directed calls to cells, phone systems connected to alarm platforms, multi-site networks and a lot of voice-mail services, it is very important that we start changing the dial programming now to be able to recognize area code 986 when it comes into use. If you have any questions, call our service folks at 208-884-4000. We’ll review your programming and help get things configured for the August switch-over.

Client and Friends

Gary Amoth is the good and gracious owner of Amoth Trucking. His group was selected to transport the “People’s (Christmas) Tree” from the Payette Forest to the US Capitol – a trip of over 4,000 miles with stops in 31 Cities. And this wasn’t like hauling a tree from a tree vendor to your house. The nearly 80’ spruce required 30+ gallons of water every day. On December 6th, the tree, decorated with over 18,000 handmade ornaments made in Idaho, will be lit. DataTel is very proud to provide communications tools for Amoth Trucking out of our Twin Falls Office. Randy Kerr, a Datatel Lead Technician, is good friends with Mr. Amoth. “Gary is just a great, great guy. He built his business from the ground up – a single truck that he drove himself.” Randy’s children joined the many well-wishers who signed the ‘Kenworth Christmas Card’ on its way to Washington, D.C. Being part of something so cool, even tangentially, makes us so very happy to be part of a great place and great people.

DataTel helps a Bird on a Mission

For many years, Kevin Miller of station KIDO has actively supported the work of the Boise Rescue Mission with his annual Miller’s Mission Program. His efforts has provided thousands of turkeys and other items to the Rescue Mission over the holiday season. DataTel brought in 11 birds and over $1,100 is cash for this great effort. Thank you, Kevin. Your service to others is awesome – as is your costume.

Meanwhile, the ladies of DataTel participated yet again with Shoebox Ministry – filling handcrafted boxes with age and gender appropriate gifts for the children of Canyon County Schools.

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DataTel Times November
Posted by:DataTel Communications, October - 26 - 2016
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DataTel Times October 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, October - 05 - 2016

Icon Credit Union Bryan Holjeson


The common perception of a call or contact center looks something like the above. In truth, this sea of humanity represents only about 20% of contact centers. Most are actually less than 10 people. Smaller companies can leverage the benefits of a contact center because they are increasingly automated and flexible within multiple channels. The ever-more complex piece of technology that makes this possible is called an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This allows computers to “hear” voice or tones from a keypad to interact with us mortals. IVRs take information, process it, and come back with a result. This technology was a little clunky in the early stages (“yes…Yes…I said, YES!”) but, with speech recognition becoming much faster and more accurate and with many customer call-back options, IVRs are increasingly sophisticated and effective. For processes like re-setting passwords and “in the can” directions such as checking an account balance, IVRs are ideal. The irony is that this functional improvement is the reason it is harder to speak to a customer service rep. Money is a big driver. According to experts, it costs a company about $9.00 a call to have a live agent interact with the customer (I don’t know the cost of a deceased agent.) A web-chat is $5.00. Responding to an e-mail runs around $2.50, however, a customer service call that stays in the automated IVR function costs a company mere pennies. While folks of a certain (ahem) age are more comfortable with the human response, statistics show that Millennials are very happy to make complex transactions that do not entail speaking with another person. In many cases, it is preferred by this demographic. It should come as no surprise that 52 year-young DataTel brings a ton of experience to this part of communications and customer service. We are highly versed in all types and sizes of contact centers. We’ve crafted big and small solutions, and a larger contact solution can make sense for a smaller group. It all depends on a company’s ‘goes-to-market’ and call volume. Businesses that get a lot of call-traffic and need comprehensive reporting and metrics really need to visit with us. A well-designed contact center is not a business expenditure, but an actual long-term revenue generator. Call DataTel. We’ll give you all the carbon-based human interaction you need!



  • Get a bigger pencil
  • Caffeine is your friend, but it can t-t-t-t-turn on you.
  • Resist the urge to say, “You can Google that, Sir.”
  • Call DataTel
  • Use your ‘inside’ voice at all times


Friends and Clients


screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-53-32-amIcon Credit Union (Then called “Idahy”) was started in 1952 when seven fellows who worked for the Idaho Department of Highways pooled together $35.00 and thought that starting a credit union would be swell. Over the decades, this respected group has prospered in a prudent way through screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-55-01-amsteady growth and durable, gradual expansion. Icon’s approach, ethos and core values of integrity and service have placed them in the top 5% of ratings for financial institutions. Today, that 35 bucks of seed money now represents over 23,000 members and $260,000,000.00 in assets. Mr. Bryan Holjeson is a Member Relationship Manager at Icon and (looks notwithstanding) a veteran in the world of financial services”. “I joined Icon Credit Union in 2014 after spending 5 years working for a large bank. I was drawn to…Icon because of the focus on the member.” “Icon does well in the area because of our willingness to listen to members and…make the necessary changes to serve them better.”

Along the lines of contact center article in the front of the newsletter, Icon is improving their system to make members’ automated telephonic transactions more direct and smooth and the reporting more robust. “This project added an automated attendant to our call system that gives members options to help direct their calls with fewer transfers. DataTel helped with the entire process – designing the phone map, recording the messages, building call queues and setting up recording.” (Darn tootin’ we did – but only after Icon’s input.) “DataTel has been very helpful in this process. (You) have been more than willing to help from start to finish (and have) been quick to help make corrections and adjustments.” To our faithful readers, the term “right-sizing” is a familiar one. Like crafting a fine suit or dress, the adjustments are made for the best possible fit.


DataTel Presents: Tech Corner™ with Cameron Collins!

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-56-43-amMost people probably can’t remember the last time they read the user’s manual for a product, but I bet most people can remember feeling frustrated by the experience. When all you need is one small piece of information, the manual can feel like it was never intended to be read by humans! At DataTel, we get it. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and improve productivity, but without the human component, technology is just metal, plastic, and a nice idea. The user’s manual can’t listen to your concerns and find the best solution. That’s why we’re here, working for you. Every single member of the team takes our phrase “The Experts” seriously. We read all the owner’s manuals so you don’t have to. Our knowledge, experience, and dedication are here to make this amazing technology work best for you; from system design, through installation and training, and into the future as your business grows and changes.screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-56-49-am

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DataTel Times September 2016
Posted by:DataTel Communications, August - 31 - 2016

DataTel Times Lori and Mike with Anvil Fence

What we saw at the zoo…


So, Reggie, Skip and I had a great time at the Boise Zoo the other day. It’s fun to observe animals in their habitat. I’m always amazed at the different colorings. Reggie says walking gets him closer to his Fitbit goal – sure pal, maybe by November! Skip couldn’t pull himself away from the sales people exhibition – those guys – always good for a chuckle, the way they fall all over themselves! Anyway, I’m out of contract so I got this new device with a great camera. Enjoy.


Friends and Clients


screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-26-10-pmAnvil Fence Co. has been building fences of all types and description in Treasure Valley since 1961. Anvil offers a wide varitiey of designs and styles with material screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-26-41-pmchoices ranging from wood, vinyl, and ornamental wrought iron. They also provide security and temporary fencing for construction sites, event venues, security gates, chain link fence or a privacy fence for commercial businesses. You can’t go more than a mile in any direction and not see a quailtiy Anvil Fence. Lori Thompson shared; “We are lucky and blessed to be able to “sign” our work! Often, clients have asked to make sure we would “sign” their fence. Our market has steadily expanded as we added more diverse Automatic Gate options, and assist utilities and manufacturers (e.g. Sorrento, Amalgamated Sugar, and Simplot Processing Plants.) As to how they approach their business, it is Biblical in its simplicity; “(We) treat people the way we want to be treated. Honesty and Integrity. Anvil Fence would not be the Company it is without our great employees, many of them long term, dedicated, and loyal. We all love the saying, ‘Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.’ We Love What We Do!!”


Old phones (like bad jokes) die. This is the reason Lori called on DataTel; “Actually, we got tired of not being able to hear on our old phones…..AND! DataTel had honesty and integrity – like us. Your presentation and installation was professional, with the knowledge to go with it. We would highly recommend your DataTel, anytime! Please feel free to refer potential clients to us!” Well, if you insist, Lori, we’ll do exactly that! (Folks, that number is 208-375-6767)


Know Your DataTel Stuff! The Mitel SIP-DECT and Wi-Fi Phones


Cell phones are built for mobility, but what about within the office environment? Transferring business calls from your cell is (typically) not possible, nor is putting people on hold, pushing into someone’s voice-mail box, etc. Sometimes, a person just needs to have mobility AND the function of a cordless phone that is connected to the rest of the operation. We, of course, have you covered.


The Mitel 112 SIP DECT phone uses DECT technology – think Blutooth™ functionality but with a lot more range. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in mobility and full phone function – and the base can support up to 20 handsets. The phone comes with a charging base and the user typically can wander about 200 feet from one’s desk. The range can be extended with base “repeaters.” If your business has a wireless network, we can piggy back on that with our Mitel 5624 Wi-Fi phone. The only downside to this technology is when the handsets end up at your house because they fit nicely into pockets.


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