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Optymyse from SJS Solutions is the most advanced Visual Mental Health & Wellness Solution on the market today. It has been designed based on the principles of cognitive neuroscience to allow you to reduce stress, staff turnover and expensive re-training costs, whilst improving customer experience and staff retention. It also works wherever you do: At home or in the office. Give your agents the complete support they need to work from home effectively. Share the essential information that everyone needs to deliver amazing customer service – wherever they are!

Learn the Science

Learn the latest Neuroscience needed to quickly develop the right habits in any environment.

Deliver best CX

Fast track higher levels of customer experience by tapping into 20+ years of customer care and contact centre optimisation experience.

Protect your employees

Create engaging SCARF compliant environments which follow the science and deliver instant improvements in mental health and wellness.



Unique, bespoke consultancy services for large and small businesses.

Stress, disengagement, and mental health is costing businesses trillions in staff replacement, litigation, re-training, and poor performance. Science has also provided the answers and we’d like to share them with you.

Workshops & Training:

For people who work with people – join colleagues from around the world.

Customised, high-quality professional learning from a company that’s been in the game for over two decades.

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