There is no doubt the VoIP system has changed the landscape of telecommunications. But, is Voice over IP the right phone system service for your business?

What is Voice over IP?

A Voice over IP service provider uses this technology to convert analog audio signals (your voice) and turn them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet or your company’s internal network system.Voice over IP phone systems are quickly becoming the gold standard in phone service due to the cost reductions that can be realized, particularly on long distance service.

Why does my business need a Voice over IP phone system and service?

  • A Voice over IP provider can significantly reduce the cost of your long distance phone service. A qualified voice over IP phone service providercan facilitate the needs of a business with multiple sites, to avoid phone lines and the long distance charges associated with a traditional phone service system provider.
  • With a web conferencing system provider at your fingertips, your business can spend less on travel and related costs.
  • Integration of your computer and telephone service system provider will simplify business applications for your employees and increase your productivity. Whether your employees are located in Boise, Meridian or across the country, they will have efficient access to their telecommunication system needs.

DataTel is your Voice over IP phone system provider expert. We design and are a provider of leading edge voice over IP solutions to meet your office needs using the best hardware/software tools.

DataTel’s Mitel line-up of innovative voice over IP phone systems is easy to use, manage, and grow, helping you save time and money. From DECT Cordless Handset systems to Remote Teleworker systems there simply is not a more robust offering in the market. Simply pick up your phone and connect it. It really is that easy with DataTel’s Mitel provider solutions and systems.

We can customize the Voice over IP phone system service that is uniquely right for you. With more than 50 years of provider experience in Idaho and nationwide we have the know-how to design, install, and support your Voice over IP phone service.

Find out why a DataTel Voice over IP system is the right service and provider for you. Call our Meridian or Boise Idaho offices today for a free evaluation of your service needs!

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