CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Boise and Meridian, Idaho

Computer Telephony Integration is really what communication systems are all about. DataTel
Communications understands how to integrate your telephone and computer, known as CTI, with your
existing software today and in the future. Through desktop presence you can synchronize and integrate
with your Outlook calendar, dial any number on your pc screen with a simple click, and even integrate
with your Blackberry and/or cell phone. With literally hundreds of CTI solutions you will have the power to
take your phone system to an all new level. With over 40 years of service experience in Boise and
Meridian, Idaho, you can be sure we will provide the right products for your business.

Will someone please define CTI?

Telecommunications jargon can be confusing but Computer Telephony Integration is simple. Imagine a
good marriage, wherein both parties are improved by their union. CTI is the successful harmonizing
integration of your computer system and your telephony service system to improve your communication

Why do I need CTI in my business if both my computer service and my telephony system work
fine separately?

Computer telephony integration is a powerful tool to improve customer service and increase the
functionality of both your computer and telephony system
. The competitive climate of business forces us
to constantly focus on acquiring new customers and retaining current customers with excellent customer
service. CTI system helps your business do just that; merging telephony and your computer system.

Use CTI to Provide Customer Service Benefits


Personalize the experience for your customers. Screen population (“screen pops”), is a
way to display customer information on your service agent’s computer screen. This
integration feature of your CTI system allows for better customer service relationship
building with your customer and increases probability of retention.


Eliminate re-routing or call transfers with a CTI system integration. One of the prime
causes of customer frustration is being transferred. A Computer telephony integration system allows you to have calls routed to the most appropriate agent or department.


Customers will no longer have to repeat information to more than one service agent. Using interactive voice response (IVR) integration, your customer inputs their account
information via keypad or voice into their telephony system and a customer service live
agent can receive the information automatically screen popped to their display. The
service agent then has all account details and notes regarding previous calls at their
fingertips with CTI system integration.

DataTel can help you evaluate how a computer telephony integration system can work for your business.
Serving locations in Boise and Meridian, Idaho and across the nation, we can service your telephony and
integration needs. Use our vast experience and network of partners to consultatively find the best CTI
service solution for you. Call us today!

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