Digital Business Phone Systems, Boise and Meridian, Idaho

Although VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is taking the telecommunications world by storm, a digital
business phone system
is a very viable alternative for many companies.

Serving the Boise and Meridian, Idaho areas, we offer a robust Mitel digital business phone system. Using
this system, you wont have to endure the learning curve of Power of Ethernet (PoE), routers, new cabling
and more.

Benefits of the Mitel Digital Business Phone System

    • A digital business phone system is feature rich. You are never left wanting for features
      because you didn’t choose a VoIP solution.


  • The feature set is typically the same without the infrastructure costs.



  • If you decide to add VoIP later this is not a problem. You wont have to reinvest because
    your original investment of a digital business phone system will handle VoIP as well.


Its time to evaluate your business phone system. Enhance customer service, improve efficiency and
reduce costs. DataTel Communications can show you how.

Digital Business Phone Systems vs. VoIP

A digital business phone system is often referred to as a key system or KSU (key system
unit). These traditional systems are a very good fit for companies with between 5 and 40
employees. The routing software uses the public switched telephone network (PTSN) or
landline system to route calls. Digital phone systems are feature rich, offering great value
to a small business.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) sends voice data over your internal business network or via
the internet. VoIP technology connects geographically remote employees via a LAN or the
internet. Long distance phone costs are significantly reduced when using VoIP technology.

The truth is, a digital business phone system can be successfully integrated with VoIP into a
customized hybrid system. This solution allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure while
taking full advantage of the latest technology.

Whether you are in Boise, Idaho or across the country DataTel Communications has the expertise to
consultatively evaluate your needs and offer the best communications system for your business. Contact
us today to see if a digital business phone system will work for you.

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