Mitel Networks 5207 IP Phone

Cost-effective, entry-level handsfree speaker phone that offers backlit display and multiple line appearances.

The Mitel Networks 5207 IP Phone addresses a new segment of the market, meeting the need for entry-level desktop IP phones. The 5207 is a multi-line IP Phone featuring up to 20 programmable keys and a backlit display. Working across both the Mitel Networks 3100 and 3300 Integrated Communications Platforms (ICP) and featuring easy programming via a browser-based user configuration tool, this new IP phone provide unparalleled choice and flexibility to the user.

The 5207 IP Phone has a key set designed primarily for users requiring multiple line appearances or feature keys.

Mitel Networks 5207 IP Phone provides:

* Hands-free speakerphone operation (half duplex)

* Single port, multiple lines

* 20-character backlit display with contrast control

* 14 programmable multi-function keys with dual-color

* LED indicators (for speed dialing, line appearances, feature keys)

* 8 fixed function keys: Hold, Superkey/Program, Transfer/Conference, Cancel, Speaker, Microphone, Message, Redial

* Customizable center panel

* Wall Mountable

* Multiple Powering Options (802.3af compliant


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