Mitel Networks 6451 Emergency Response

Mitel Networks 6451 Emergency Response Application ensures that with each call to 911, or to security service, the appropriate personnel on your premises are immediately provided with onscreen notification of both the call and the caller?s location.

Mitel Networks 6451 Emergency Response Applications allows a business to provide immediate and effective interim support to E-911 calls, then expedite assistance once the emergency-response team arrives.

The instant an E-911 call is placed from any extension on the system, all available information on that extension ? extension number, room number, building address, caller?s name, etc. ? is immediately displayed on-screen, accompanied by an audible alert.

Mitel Networks 6451 Emergency Response Application also provides:

* Onscreen identification and information of emergency call

* no call interception, 6451 tracks calls but does not intercept or interfer with them

* database tracking for easy tracking and historical analysis

* alphanumeric paging to notify mobile staff

* remote client allows for notification across multiple remote sites




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