IGC Audio Conferencing

Intuitive IP and TDM based audio conferencing for ad hoc or fixed conferencing that delivers advanced features and functionality in conference bridge solutions ranging from 24 to 120 port variations.

The Challenge

Enterprises and carriers alike are looking for more effective, less expensive ways to enhance communications in order to speed up time-to-market decisions in a secure environment. With Mitel’s Interactive Group Communications System (IGC), enterprise based audio conferencing has become a low cost, feature rich solution that delivers multi-party conferencing and collaboration capabilities via a single, easy to use system.

Introducing the Mitel Interactive Group Communication System (IGC)

With Mitel’s leadership in enterprise and service provider voice solutions combined with the innovative audio conferencing solution through Mitel’s partnership with VCON, we are now able to deliver sophisticated audio conferencing capabilities at affordable price points that generate an attractive return-on-investment (ROI).

Market Leading Features and Functionality

The Mitel IGC audio conferencing solution addresses market needs in several port variants. Each solution comes with a number of features and functionality that separate the Mitel solution from global competitors, including:

* Pre-scheduled calls

Automatic dial out to all participants w/”find me” calling up to three unique numbers

* Graphic user interface

Via PC or PDA interface

* Whisper (voice or text)

Talk (write) to others on the call without conference participants knowing

* External calls

Dial external participant without putting call on hold

* Volume control

Control and change the volume of each participant individually

* Auto reconnect

With accidental disconnect, the participant will automatically be called back (up to 3 times)

If you currently outsource your requirements for conferencing and collaboration, the Mitel IGC audio conferencing solution solves the high cost barriers to bringing this functionality in-house. Either as a stand alone conferencing unit or integrated into the Mitel Your Assistant solution, the Mitel IGC provides the low cost, high functionality solution the market has been waiting for.


Group Communications System IGC 2000

IGC Audio Conferencing

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