NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 (Centigram Upgrade)

The NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 is a highly scalable and robust, distributed or centralized, messaging solution that scales to hundreds of thousands of users. It provides a very cost effective migration path for Centigram Model 640 customers.

The NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 provides a highly scalable way to relay, store, and retrieve voice and fax messages, using a phone, pager, fax machine or PC.

Businesses today purchase information technology based on current needs and future requirements. With NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640, your investment is safe!

The NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 offers:

* State-of-the-art technology based on industry standards and fully redundant servers.

* Optional Continuous System Operation that provides fail-over between servers.

* Modular architecture that allows you to buy the system you need today, and cost effectively add applications, features and capacity as your business grows and evolves over time.

* Cost effective migration from Centigram Model 640 systems.

The largest of the NuPoint Messenger IP models, the Model 640 expands from 8 to 240 ports and up to 5760 hours of storage.


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NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 Centigram Upgrade

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