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Headsets for Mitel Phones (Mitel)GN and Plantronics offer mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications, and corded and cordless headsets for the office, small office / home office, and contact centers.
Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit (Mitel Networks)Full duplex IP audio conference unit features exclusive acoustic beam forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and sidebar conversations.
Mitel 5550 IP Console (Mitel Networks)Advanced PC-based IP console and administration application with intuitive Graphical User Interface that includes screen-based call status, call handling prompts call waiting indicators and Phonebook lookup.
Mitel Cordless Accessories (Mitel)The Mitel® Cordless Handset and Mitel Cordless Headset allow the user to have personal area mobility with a potential range of up to 300 feet from their desk within their office or adjacent offices, while still communicating via their desktop phone.
Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand (Mitel Networks)Mitel cost-effectively extends the bandwidth capabilities of our IP phones with the Gigabit Ethernet Stand. This unique add-on accessory provides customers with a migration path that is flexible and protects their capital investment at the desktop.
Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules 12 and 48 (Mitel Networks)The Mitel 5412 and 5448 IP PKMs can easily add 12, 48 or up to 96 buttons to the existing 24 buttons of the 5224 IP Phone.
Mitel Line Interface Module (Mitel Networks)Discrete optional module that integrates into the 5224 IP Phone (Dual Mode) and provides a separate connection to an analog line. The patented Line Interface Module enhances the Mitel Teleworker Solution, and extends Mitel’s resiliency strategy for IP communications from the core of the network to the Desktop!
Mitel Wireless LAN Stand (Mitel Networks)Mitel’s Wireless LAN Stand is a unique accessory that provides many of Mitel’s wired IP phones with 802.11 wireless connectivity. It can act as a wireless client, or as an Access Point, providing a wireless environment for multiple IP phones and wireless devices.

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