SpectraLink 802.11 Solutions

SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems provide organizations with the competitive advantage needed in todays service-oriented and fast-paced work environment.

The solution consists of the NetLink SVP Server, NetLink Wireless Telephones, SVP compatible access points and a Mitel ICP. Access points receive IP voice packets from Wireless Telephones and forward them to the Mitel ICP over the wired LAN, allowing users to communicate through pocket-sized telephones. Voice quality is the main function of the NetLink SVP Server which ensures that voice packets have priority over data packets on the wireless network

The NetLink Wireless Telephones integrate directly with a Mitel ICP using the IP network. That means advanced features are delivered to the mobile user throughout the workplace. In fact NetLink Wireless Telephones behave almost exactly like Mitels powerful 5220 IP Phone.

The wireless telephone can be a users sole phone or can be “paired/twinned” with a person’s desk phone. Calls can ring at the wireless telephone as well as the desk phone. Users can place outgoing calls without incurring air-time charges normally associated with cellular phone systems.

The SpectraLink Wireless Telephone System Provides:

  • Leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure for voice and data applications
  • Dramatically improve mobility, responsiveness, and productivity
  • Deliver quality voice and ICP features throughout the workplace
  • Integrate legacy IP PBX systems using Mitel ICP
  • Proven durability for use in all business environments
SpectraLink NetLink e340 Wireless Telephone (e340)The NetLink e340 Wireless Telephone was designed specifically for busy office environment. This compact handset offers features and accessories that address the needs of a variety of businesses at an attractive price.
SpectraLink NetLink h340 Wireless Telephone (h340)SpectraLink NetLink h340 Wireless Telephone is uniquely designed to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare workplace. With more durable plastics, backlit keypad, and multiple charging options, this handset is especially suited for 24-hour, shift-based environments.
SpectraLink NetLink i640 Wireless Telephone (i640)The NetLink i640 Wireless Telephone is designed specifically for commercial applications. This wireless handset sets the industry standard for durability, functionality, maximum comfort and ease of use making it ideal for healthcare, retail and industrial environments.
SpectraLink NetLink SVP Server (SVP)The NetLink SVP Server is a dedicated network appliance that ensures excellent voice quality for NetLink Wireless Telephones operating on a converged Wi-Fi network. NetLink SVP Servers work in conjunction with SVP enabled Wi-Fi access points to prioritize voice packets and manage bandwidth for voice and data applications.
SpectraLink Open Application Interface (OAI) Gateway (OAI)NetLink Wireless Telephones offer more than just voice communication. Utilizing SpectraLink’s Open Application Interface (OAI), the handsets can function as two-way messaging devices allowing integration with other enterprise systems to provide mobile workers with access to critical information.

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