Mitel NetworksMitel’s extensive portfolio of enterprise communications products responds to the diverse requirements of companies and organizations large and small, leveraging technological innovation for competitive advantage.
Call Center ConsultingDataTel Communications is the leader in Idaho call center consulting. Let our consultants help you optimize your setup.
We can also build a new setup from scratch.


Computer Telephony Integration SystemComputer Telephony Integration is really what communication systems are all about. DataTel
Communications understands how to integrate your telephone and computer, known as CTI, with your
existing software today and in the future.


Digital Business Phone SystemAlthough VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is taking the telecommunications world by storm, a digital
business phone system
is a very viable alternative for many companies.


IP Telephony VoIPDataTel Communications is an industry leader in IP telephony with specialized internet software for your
ip telephony or voip needs. Let us show you how to use IP telephony such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to improve your business.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)IVR is a telephony technology allowing users to interact with a database using their phone keypad
or voice commands through an automated interactive telephone information system.


PBX Business VoIP SystemA PBX system is a device that connects your business telephone system to the public switched
telephone network (PSTN). Traditionally, a PBX system is used to route incoming calls to the
appropriate extension in an office, sharing phone lines between extensions and reducing the total
number of business telephone lines that must be leased from the telephone company.


SIP VoIP Phone ProviderSession Initiation Protocol works in conjunction with Voice Over IP (VoIP) to provide an array
of services such as internet conferencing, IP telephony, instant messaging, presence, voice and
video communication and data collaboration. DataTel Communications is a premier SIP phone
provider as well as a VoIP provider


Telecommunication Service CompanyWith the rapid changes in telecommunication today you need a partner that understands your company
and its telecom service needs. DataTel Communications is just that… a partner.


Voice Over IP System ProviderA Voice over IP service provider uses this technology to convert analog audio signals (your voice) and turn
them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet or your companys internal network
system. Voice over IP phone systems are quickly becoming the gold standard in phone service due to the
cost reductions that can be realized, particularly on long distance service.


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